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Plan your route throughout the USA: use the free MapQuest Route Planner to get directions.

MapQuest route planner

Search and get the fastest or shortest directions

Planning your roadtrip in the USA? Find local businesses, hotels, gas stations, avoid traffic jams and get directions in MapQuest.

Multiple Stops

Multi-Stop route planning. Import multiple addresses from a file.

Directions USA

Plan your trip across the USA from door to door.

Live Traffic

Up-to-date overview of traffic jams and road conditions.

MapQuest Route Planner

Use the MapQuest route finder & journey planner to search and get the fastest or shortest directions to your destination. Enter multiple addresses to create stopovers in your travel plan.

Save important places or routes? Create and share your own maps including photos and driving routes with the free Google My Maps service.



MapQuest directions from one location to another

The MapQuest Route Planner can help you find the best route to your destination before or during your trip. If you are on the road a lot for business, you will probably end up in cities where you do not know the streets and traffic situations.

The same applies of course if you go on holiday to an unknown city or region. With MapQuest’s route planner, you can map out a route that will take you safely from A to B without being distracted by signposts and unexpected delays.

What benefits does the MapQuest RoutePlanner offer you?

With the MapQuest RoutePlanner you can easily plan your trip within seconds. After entering the place of departure and arrival including additional intermediate stops, you will immediately see which routes are available. Thanks to the clear map and driving directions, you can travel hassle-free.

In addition, you can set up MapQuest’s road trip planner to receive real-time notifications about delays, traffic jams and roadworks. This virtual co-driver can also show you where cark parks can be found along your route. Would you like to stay overnight or have a meal en route? Restaurants and lodging options can also be added to your road trip.

MapQuest route planner app

To ensure that you can travel as safely and relaxed as possible, the MapQuest route planner is also available as an app for your cell phone. This both Android and iOs app is free to download and use. The voice instructions, up-to-date traffic information and notifications about speed checks allow you to keep your eyes on the road.

Always consider the road safety of yourself and others and only make changes to your route planner app when you have stopped at a gas station or parking lot. Not only is using your phone on the road very dangerous, it is also illegal and you can get a hefty fine for it.

Safely use MapQuest while driving

Make sure you use the MapQuest RoutePlanner safely. Do you indeed use your phone to drive on the road with the help of this route planner? Then make sure that the phone is placed in a good holder and that you can view the screen well without having to take your gaze too much from the road in front of you. It is best to keep charging the phone during the journey so that you can check MapQuest’s driving directions for the entire trip.

Do you want to know more about the route you are driving or do you want to change the route? Then first park your car in a parking lot or at a gas station. You can then make adjustments in peace without ending up in dangerous situations because you are distracted for too long while driving.

Is the MapQuest Route Planner comparable to other route planners?

Most route planners have the same basic functions and present you with several routes to your destination. The difference between the various planners is often the extra functions. For example, the MapQuest route planner can work fine for you if you only use it while driving.

Other route planners can also plan routes for you by bicycle or public transport. Every user has their preferences and if those of MapQuest meet your needs then you have no reason to doubt its user-friendliness. If you are looking for a similar and free route finder, we highly recommend the Google Maps route planner.

Most popular route planner

Google Maps has become such a major player in the field of free trip planners, route planning software and route maps that many other apps use Google’s technology as the basis for their own ‘mapping’ software.

With many ground-breaking and innovative features, such as Street View, Google Maps is a real powerhouse and an invaluable resource for millions of people around the world.